Najwa’s experiences in Palestine and the Middle East has provided her with the political, historical and socio-cultural milieu from which she draws and develops the characters of her short stories. Most of her protagonists are mainly ordinary Palestinains or ‘Le petite people’ especially refugees uprooted from their homes and Homeland, who seek answers to their individual and collective historical predicament.

Many of these protaganists are resiliant women, who in addition to their politcal oppresion encounter social discrimination. Her stories and novellets come in some eleven collections in arabic.

Christians Aware organisation in London U.K. published for her in english short stories, poetic prose and drama. Also in english folktales published by Rimal publishing in Cyprus.

Najwa’s latest books in english are ‘A continent called Palestine’ her life’s story published by SPCK in London, and ‘Red stones of Jerusalem’ a collection of short stories, poems and art work published also by Christians Aware. The Palestinain Artist Sami Zaron contributed to the artwork of this book.